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By Graham McNeill

ISBN-10: 1849703582

ISBN-13: 9781849703581

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Perturabo – grasp of siegecraft, and executioner of Olympia. lengthy has he lived within the shadow of his extra favoured primarch brothers, annoyed by way of the mundane and ignominious tasks which frequently fall to his Legion. whilst Fulgrim deals him the opportunity to steer an excursion looking for an old and harmful xenos weapon, the Iron Warriors and the Emperor’s young children unite and enterprise deep into the guts of the nice warp-rift identified in basic terms as ‘the Eye’. Pursued by means of a ragged band of survivors from Isstvan V and the revenants of a lifeless eldar international, they have to paintings fast in the event that they are to unharness the devastating energy of the Angel Exterminatus!

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