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By Melissa J. Morgan

ISBN-10: 0448438763

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It’s Alex Kim’s fourth 12 months at Camp Lakeview, so there’s not anything mysterious approximately her. we all know that she’s a celeb athlete and an all-around chief, and in the event that they don’t, never-shy Alex should be more than pleased to fill them in. yet Alex is retaining anything again this summer season, and her pals are starting to become aware of. Can they determine what’s been bothering their good friend prior to the summer time ends?

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I mean, come on. ” Karen hung her head down toward her feet. She was such an abused puppy most of the time, though she was slowly starting to show some teeth. Alex wondered how Karen got to be so mousy. “I can’t believe you,” Brynn said to Chelsea. Karen’s face turned red. She put her head back up, and she said, “It’s okay, really. I get it now, and there’s no reason to—” “Sweetie, don’t you have lines to read or something? I’m sure Alex can help you learn them since she’s so good at everything all the time,” Chelsea added, pulling Karen ahead of the group so they would be able to jump into the showers first.

Other girls said their crushes made their hearts beat faster, distracted their thoughts, and made them want to hold hands and stuff. That just sounded way too complicated for Alex. She didn’t understand what they were talking about. She’d never felt that way. Ever. And that was fine with her. “Me neither, not anymore,” Valerie said. “I had a boyfriend in the beginning of the fifth grade, and he transferred out of our school. It broke my heart! Not because we were all lovey-dovey and stuff. But because we were best friends.

Did I say that already? Well, I just said it again! Best Friends Forever, Alex Alex had just gotten into bed and was trying to relax. If only her brain had an off switch! She was deep in thought, wishing she could be one of the Ninja Supertwins. She wished she could just have special powers so her life would be easier. Every time she hit the soccer field, she had to score at least three points for her team. Every time she left the bunk, she had to worry if she’d stay strong for the rest of the day.

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