A Victory for Kregen (Dray Prescot, Book 22; Jikaida Cycle, - download pdf or read online

By Alan Burt Akers

The finishing of Prescot's stark adventures as a dwelling chess piece within the urban of blood video games was once to be as terrifying because the perils that had long gone sooner than. simply because now that transposed Earthman needed to struggle his as far back as his embattled Vallian place of origin throughout a sky filled with possibility and a sea filled with demise. And while he returned--if he could--he might locate the strive against joined, his son at doom's door, his troops up opposed to more suitable odds, and a conflict he needs to in my view struggle that will be battles in varied areas while!

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Masked . . Coren tensed, preparing to act. qrk 3/15/01 4:54 PM Page 23 CHIMERA into the big container, and he realized that he would do nothing. Nyom knows what she’s doing, he thought. At least as far as procedure goes. She did not act alarmed, so he had to assume she knew these people, these machines. It unsettled him, though, to watch her, the last one, walk up the ramp, accompanied by Coffee. The masked robot followed a minute later, causing Coren’s pulse to accelerate again. The other contacts, human and robot, closed up the container, then walked away.

He had no way of knowing yet where they would have gotten the data—it might have been Jeta Fromm herself, or her handlers, or some as yet undetermined third source. He could too easily reveal his interest by going through the usual channels. The second option was not worth considering at this point. Local police could find her and pick her up, but he would be effectively destroying her career and perhaps hurting several other people associated with her. A significant part of the work he did depended on clandestine resources.

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