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By Margaret Mahy

ISBN-10: 0689505477

ISBN-13: 9780689505478

A set of creative and funny tales offers with an uncle who loves to discuss his adventures, a trip from Aunt Nasty, the kin witch, a lady who doesn't have a kite to fly on Kite Saturday, and different occasions

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A his moment later they were up in the air, Mrs. Rose pointing her broomstick in the direction of Miller's Hill. Already the bare place at the top of Miller's Hill was bustling and rustling with witches lots of witches. They had lit a huge fire and were standing around it, some with cats and some with solemn owls. When Mrs. Rose and Nightshade glided down among them they were quiet enough, except for the usual witch noises such as muttering, cackling, and wicked screaming. But in the next moment there was scratching and scrambling and shouting, for, at — 41 the sight of Nightshade, the cats put out their claws, puffed up their fur, and shot off in a whirl of off into the shadows and up trees.

They were looking for mischief to it . . do. they came to a long, green valley which they had never seen before in all their magic lives, and their eyes shone as they looked at the snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug farms and the soft, smudgy shadows in the creases of the hills. " And they smiled. . "is a wonderful place for some . The first witch pointed her finger. Tweedle dee! All the pigs grew silver wings and flew up into the trees with the magpies. The second witch clapped her hands and all the hens turned into parrots and cockatoos and filled — scarlet and green, white and yellow — the air with their merry screechings.

Merry ears which stuck up straight into the air and then changed their minds and hung down at the tips. " Mrs. Rose asked him, and he wriggled his nose in a dog grin and wagged his tail. "Very well," said Mrs. " On Saturday night Mrs. Rose put on her hat and cloak and tucked her wand into her belt. She climbed onto her broomstick. Nightshade hopped on behind as if he had been born to it. A his moment later they were up in the air, Mrs. Rose pointing her broomstick in the direction of Miller's Hill.

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