A Square? A Rectangle! (My First Discovery Library) - download pdf or read online

By Holly Karapetkova

ISBN-10: 160472529X

ISBN-13: 9781604725292

Little ones Will take pleasure in studying the variations among A Rectangle And A sq. With This ebook That Leads the kid to discover Rectangles And Squares on the earth round Them.

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About 10,000 light-years. Scale = 1:1022 31 23 However large the object is, the next jump reduces it to one tenth its size. So here we find our galaxy again, but as an ellipse (1) barely 8 millimeters in length, and inside the small square. The Great Magellanic Cloud (2) is again partly visible, but it lies far behind it. The Small Magellanic Cloud (3) can now be seen, and also two more of the galaxies which are relatively near our Milky Way. They are the Sculptor (4) and the Fornax (5) systems.

1 cm. 1 cm. = 10−1 cm. = 1 mm. Scale = 10:1 (Enlarged 10 times) 39 −2 To see this picture, taken from a height of only 5 millimeters, we should need a microscope. Again there is a member of the animal kingdom visible: one of the water mites we saw on the previous drawing, a cyclops (1). This is again not the most likely thing to happen, that it would lie thus comfortably with its feelers over the edge of the cut in the girl’s finger, but it could happen! In the section of the skin we notice the horny keratin layer (2) on top.

In picture = 10−4 cm. = 1 micron. Scale = 10,000:1 = 104 42 −5 On the upper layer of keratin (1) a number of viruses are crowded together, as they often actually are on the skin. One of the larger ones is smallpox (2). A bacteriophage (3) of medium size as we saw in the previous drawing is shown here very distinctly from an electron- microscopic observation - just to give its size and shape, for it would not be likely to lie here by itself! Many molecules could be shown on this scale. Some starch molecules (4) are drawn.

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