New PDF release: A Snowman Named Just Bob

By Mark Kimball Moulton

ISBN-10: 0824958608

ISBN-13: 9780824958602

This name is acceptable for a long time 4-8. occasionally existence offers us with unforeseen magical moments. So it truly is during this story of a snowman named simply Bob: while a tender baby builds a snowman, he involves existence simply lengthy sufficient to impart a number of strategies concerning the significance of creating and keeping friendships pricey. Illustrated with heat and whimsy, this booklet is a vintage tale the complete relatives can percentage.

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And that dress she’s wearing hangs on her like a flour sack. I wish I hadn’t muffed my last cartwheel, came another thought. What if I don’t make it into the talent show? Finally the song came to an end. Grinning mischievously, Tansy pulled her flute away from her lips. ” She gave a bow instead of a curtsy, then disappeared behind the curtain. Gabriella’s jaw dropped. ” Lysandra smiled. She was going to have to get to know Tansy better. The very last princess to audition was Princess Fatima. She glided through the curtain on her flying carpet and performed a dizzying variety of loop the loops, figure eights, and sudden drops from the ceiling.

She held up a wooden instrument. “This is a magic flute,” she said. Gabriella rolled her eyes. ” she asked wearily. ” “O-kay,” Gabriella said, plainly disbelieving. Tansy pressed her lips to the flute and began to play. A sprightly melody floated through the air and made Lysandra feel like dancing. Suddenly a swirl of voices rose above the melody. Lysandra was startled to hear the thought she’d had just a moment ago come 36 drifting back to her: This music makes me feel like dancing. Then she heard one of Gabriella’s thoughts: That’s not a proper flute.

I wanted to meet other princesses my age,” she explained. “The auditions were a way to do that. ” Fatima’s dark eyes flashed. “Why, of all the cheap tricks—” Lysandra held up a hand. “No, wait. You 50 have to understand. I hate sewing, and dressing up, and doing all the other things a proper princess does. ” Fatima asked, sounding more puzzled than angry now. “I picked the three of you because . . “You seemed like fun. ” The three princesses looked at her in surprise. ” asked Tansy. “You want the four of us to form some kind of a .

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