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By Gwen McKinley

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Sorry about that. " "I don't blame you. html of you, they all decided to call me. I had to go out and buy a paper to see what was happening with my own sister. What's this about you and the owner of Chastain's Palace finding a murdered man last night? " Zinnia leaned back in her chair and 63 Jayne Castle stared at the stack of mail that she had just started to open. It was good to hear her brother's voice. Leo was the one person she could depend on to remain calm and rational in the face of a family crisis.

Bethany Eaton had staged a tastefully tearful scene as the wronged spouse when the tabloids portrayed Zinnia as her husband's mistress. On the surface, it appeared to be just one more unfortunate tale of a philandering husband caught with his passing fancy who just happened to be the daughter of a once-prominent city-state family. No one suspected the three-way arrangement with Daria Gardener. An affair was regrettable but survivable. A threesome involving one of the most prominent couples in society and an important politician, on the other hand, would have done serious damage to both the Eatons and Gardener.

Professional explorers always keep diaries of some kind. " Leo paused. " "I suppose Chastain might have begun a journal for the Third at the time the plans were made for it. " "Maybe that's what Morris found," Zinnia mused. " "He was forced to retire, as I told you. I think someone mentioned that there was some family money. He inherited an old estate. " "Let's put it this way, he's the guy who invented the legend. " Zinnia tapped the end of a pencil against the desk. " Leo's voice took on a more somber note.

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