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By Philip K. Dick

Fourteen strangers got here to Delmak-O. 13 of them have been transferred by means of the standard specialists. One received there by means of praying. yet when they arrived on that planet whose very surroundings appeared to result in paranoia and psychosis, the beginners came across that even prayer was once lifeless. For on Delmak-O, God is both absent or motive on destroying His creations.

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More or less," he admitted. "We're totally isolated," Beslnor said. " "What we must do," Maggie Walsh said, "is to prepare a joint prayer. " "I can help on preparing it, if that's the criterion," Betty Jo Berm said. " "As a last resort," Belsnor said. "Not as a last resort," Maggie Walsh said. "As an effective, proven method of getting help. Mr. " "But it passed along the relay," Belsnor said. " Wade Frazer asked, nastily. Belsnor said, "I have no faith in prayer that's not electronically augmented.

I'll keep you alive," Belsnor said. "As best I can. That could be my contribution: inventing a device made out of fluid-state circuitry that'll save us. " "I don't think you're very bright to call something a toy simply because it's small," Maggie Walsh said. " "You would have to call eighty percent of all Interplan ship circuitry toys," Seth Morley said. "Maybe that's my problem," Beisnor said wryly. "I can't tell what's a toy and what isn't . . which means I can't tell what's real. A toy ship is not a real ship.

Beisnor glared at him. " "So it matters to you when and where they were invented," Seth Morley said. "I came close to producing something one time," Belsnor said. "A silencing circuit. It would have interrupted the flow of electrons in any given conductor for a range of about fifty feet. As a weapon of defense it would have been valuable. But I couldn't get the field to propagate for fifty feet; I could only get it functional for one-and-a-half feet. " He lapsed into silence, then. Brooding, baleful silence.

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