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By Douglas Davies

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Акт самой смерти и ритуалы окружающие ее чрезвычайно различны и проливают свет на культуры, частью которых они являются. В этой краткой и живой истории Дуглас Дэйвис - международно признанный ведущим экспертом в этой области - рассматривает некоторые из самых существенных аспектов смерти и складывает их в незабываемую историю наших отношений к смерти.Темы книги: Смерть - психологические аспекты; Смерть - религиозные аспекты; Смерть - социальные аспекты; Смерть в искусстве


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On 28 Parting’s Sweet Sorrow the other, they sought to live dedicated lives, wasting neither time nor money, and this ensured that they did flourish. These two strands of thought, though not formally grounded in the logic of the doctrine of predestination, were brought together in a way that satisfied people. Despite many criticisms, some see this cluster of ideas as the basis for the rise of capitalism in western Europe, especially in the Netherlands. In this tangential sense the history of the fear of death also embraced, to some degree at least, the history of commerce and social development.

The stability and size of a society affect identity and the nature of our belonging to it, since those living their whole life in a small village, knowing only dozens of people, are unlikely to possess the same sense of self as those whose mobile lives bring them into contact with hundreds or even thousands of people over their lifetime. In recent centuries marriage has been a praised and prized institution of most western Christian societies and, contrary to the general statement of wedding rites that the bond was ‘til death us do part’, most churches spoke as though heaven would be a place of continued partnership.

It is through funeral ritual that a people tell their stories of the meaning of life and enact their rituals of transcendence. It is through social activity itself that hope is manifest through many forms, in myths, doctrine, religious rites 12 Journey Beyond and formal liturgies of churches or, indeed, in secular rituals. The agreed-upon conventions of life merge with the people and institutions of power in a society to present a picture of the world and of the reality of the universe itself within which death is but a part within a greater whole.

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