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By Hilary Spence

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The enjoyable of naming your child. prior to you dedicate your baby to a reputation for all times, flick through this publication. banquet your mind's eye on an unlimited diversity of decisions from the modern to the conventional, and from the preferred to the delicate. You by no means observed such a lot of how you can christen your child with sort and suitability. significant names, musical names, mystical names - they're all during this publication.

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A great lady Benilda (Latin) 'Well-intentioned' Benita (Spanish) 'Blessed'. (Benitia) see also Benedicta Benoite see Benedicta Berdine (Teutonic) 'Glorious one' Berengaria (Teutonic) 'Spearer of bears'. A warrior huntress of renown Berit (Teutonic) 'Glorious' Berlynn (English) Combination of Bertha and Lynn (Berlin, Berlyn) Bernadette (French) 'Brave as a bear' (Berna, Bernadene, Bernadina, Bernadine, Bernardina, Berneta, Berney, Bernie, Bernita) Berneen (Celtic) 'Little one, brave as a bear' Bernessa (Teutonic) 'With the heart of a bear' Bernia (Latin) 'Angel in armour' (Bernie) Bernice (Greek) 'Herald of victory' (Berenice, Berny, Bunny, Burnice, Veronica) Bernie see Bernadette or Bernia Berri see Beryl Bertha (Teutonic) 'Bright and shining'.

The symbol of immortality Acantha (Greek) 'Thorny' Accalia (Latin) Foster mother of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome Achala (Sanskrit) 'Constant' Acima (Hebrew) 'The Lord's judgement' Acola (teutonic) 'Cool' Actia (Greek) 'Ray of sunlight' Ada (Teutonic) 'Prosperous and joyful'. A popular name in Victorian times (Adda, Addia, Aida) Adabelle (Latin) 'Joyous, happy and beautiful' (Adabel, Adabela, Adabella) Adah (Hebrew) 'The crown's adornment'. One who gives lustre to the most eminent position Adalia (Teutonic) An early Saxon tribal name, the origin of which is not known Adaline see Adelaide Adamina (Latin) 'From the red earth', 'mortal'.

One with the grace of a gazelle Dore (French) 'Golden maiden' see also Dorothy Dorea (Greek) 'Gift' Doreen (Gaelic) 'Golden girl' or 'the sullen one' (Dora, Dorene, Dori, Dorie, Dori, Dorie, Dorine, Dory) Doretta see Doreen Dorhissa (Hebrew) 'Gift of the promise' Dori see Doreen or Isadora Dorianne (Greek) 'From Doria' Dorice see Doris Dorinda (Greek/Spanish) 'Beautiful golden gift' Doris (Greek) 'From the sea'. The daughter of Oceanus (Dodi, Dora, Dorice, Dorise, Dorita, Dorris) Dorleta (Basque) Name for the Virgin Mary Dorothy (Greek) 'Gift of God' (Deel, Dolley, Dollie, Dolly, Dora, Dore, Doretta, Dorothea, Dorothi, Dorothoe, Dorthea, Dot, Theodora) see also Theodora Dorymene (Greek) 'Brave, courageous' Dot see Dorothy Douce (French) 'Sweet' Douna (Slavic) 'Valley' Dove (English) 'Bird of peace' Doxie see Endocia Drew (Greek) 'Courageous' Dromicia (Greek) 'Fast' Druella (Teutonic) 'Elfin vision' (Druilla) Drusilla (Latin) 'The strong one'.

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