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F) 0, 0, 1, a3 , a4 , a5 , . . (g) a0 , 0, a2 , 0, a4 , 0, a6 , 0, a8 , 0, . . (h) a1 , a2 , a3 , . . (i) {an+h } (h a given constant) (j) {an+2 + 3an+1 + an } (k) {an+2 − an+1 − an } 4. Let f (x) be the exponential generating function of a sequence {an }. For each of the sequences in exercise 3, find the exponential generating function simply, in terms of f (x). Exercises 25 5. ] sin x (d) [xn ]{1/((1 − ax)(1 − bx))} n (a = b) 2 m (e) [x ](1 + x ) 6. In each part, a sequence {an }n≥0 satisfies the given recurrence relation.

Conversely, if we wish to form all possible block fountains whose first row has k coins, then begin by laying down that row. Then choose a number j, 0 ≤ j ≤ k − 1. Above the row of k coins we will place a block fountain whose first row has j coins. If j = 0 there is just one way to do that. Otherwise there are k − j ways to do it, depending on how far in we indent the row of j over the row of k coins. It follows that f (0) = 1 and k (k − j)f (j) + 1 f (k) = (k = 1, 2, . ). 6) j=1 j Define the opsgf F (x) = j≥0 f(j)x .

It means that the formal power series f is identical to the formal power series 0, and that means that each and every coefficient of the formal series f is 0. But the coefficients of f are a1 , 2a2 , 3a3 , . , so each of these is 0, and therefore aj = 0 for all j ≥ 1, which is to say that f is constant. Next, try this one: Proposition. If f = f then f = cex . Proof. Since f = f , the coefficient of xn must be the same in f as in f , for all n ≥ 0. Hence (n + 1)an+1 = an for all n ≥ 0, whence an+1 = an /(n + 1) (n ≥ 0).

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