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Circle Time rules positive aspects a hundred and one educating principles concerning the subject matter of its name. actions span a number of curriculum parts together with math, language improvement, technology, paintings, track and extra.

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If you wish, give them problems to solve. How much do three apples weigh? Which weighs more, five carrots or one pumpkin? How many oranges does it take to weigh more than five pounds? Encourage the children to think up their own problems, as well. Hint: When doing this activity with younger children, concentrate on the concept of what weighs the most and what weighs the least, instead of specific weights. Extension: Help the children make a chart to compare the weights of the various fruits and vegetables you have set out.

Gayle Bittinger © School Specialty Publishing 29 1-57029-486-0 101 Circle Time Activities Math 32 COUNTING CATCHES Materials Beanbag Activity Play this activity with the children to practice their counting and hand-eye coordination. Have the children stand in a big circle, leaving at least three feet of space between each child. Give one child a beanbag. Have him or her toss it to the next child in the circle. Have that child, in turn, toss the beanbag to the next child. As the beanbag travels around the circle, have the children count each time it is caught.

To prepare, you will need to take a photograph of the back of each child. To make the pictures look consistent, hang a sheet in the corner of your room. One at a time, have the children stand in front of the sheet with their backs to you. Take a picture of each child’s back, then have the photos developed. Invite the children to sit in a circle. Hold up one of the photos. Have the children guess whose back is showing in the picture. Encourage them to observe the details in the photograph. Ask them to think about who has hair like that.

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